Somerset based Integrative Counsellor David Trott MBACP Dip couns on Integrative Counselling

In his most recent Counselling and Psychotherapy blog, Somerset based Integrative Counsellor David Trott MBACP Dip couns, talks about Integrative Counselling, Counselling, and Psychotherapy. David has a specific focus on integrative counselling, integrative counselling and psychotherapy, the integrative counselling model and the integrative counselling approach. Keep up-to-speed with David's integrative counselling and psychotherapy blog that explores integrative counselling case studies, integrative counselling in action, integrative counselling courses, integrative counselling skills in action in pdf and sequentially planned integrative counselling for children.

Find out about in Davids most recent Counselling and Psychotherapy blog where he talks about:

The Advantage of Integrative Counselling

Integrative Counselling Framework

What Is Integrative Counselling?

How an Integrative Approach to Counselling Works

The 7 levels of functioning

What are the Five Relationships?

The advantage of the Integrative Counselling Model is that it draws from all these major orientations and includes them in a counselling method which treats the person as a whole. This wider view is in contrast to some Psychodynamic purists who will generally look towards the client’s younger years and symbolism like dreams and Freudian slips to attempt to unravel the person’s unconscious.

To read the complete article, Somerset Counselling: What is Integrative Counsellingclick here.

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